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Brenda Benefit

We LOVE our community, near and far, and we absolutely HATE cancer!

Unfortunately, Brenda, one of our amazing tribe members, has had to face the fight against cancer, and, even on top of the trials and tribulations this year has brought, she has been nothing but a beam of light every time we have seen her. 

We wanted to create a way that we can all come together to show our support, especially since we can't gather as a huge group. SO, Brenda's incredible daughter Laurie asked if we could make a design/shirts based off of Brenda's 4 word mantra: Believe, Hope, Courage, and Live. What is so special about this design is that the lettering is Brenda's handwriting!

Those of you who know Brenda know how awesome she is. Lets show our love and support for her and her family.

  • 100% of all profits go back to Brenda and her family to help cover expenses.
  • We will ship, but if you are able to pick up in-store then we can use that expense to help make a larger donation
  • These are for pre-order and will ship in the next 2 - 3
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